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Descriptions & Guidelines

Children's Check-In (click to expand)

Please click here for instructions on managing the children's check-in and check-out.

Usher Ministry (click to expand)

Ministry Purpose

To help create a God-focused worship environment


  • Since you represent the church in a very public position, please wear collared shirts and slacks or equivalent (please, no t-shirts or jeans).
  • We need 2 ushers each week. If your children or youth serve with you, please tell their Sunday School teachers know beforehand that they will be late for class.


  • 8:45AM
    • Prepare the bulletins (in the cabinet at the rear of Sanctuary A)
    • Assemble the bulletins with any inserts
    • Rope off the last six rows of the sanctuary (Ropes are in a box inside the cabinet at the rear of Sanctuary A)
    • Get a bottle of water for the speaker (on the shelf in the equipment storage room at the right front of the Sanctuary)
  • 9:00AM
    • Usher #1
    • Stands outside the entrance to Sanctuary A
    • Redirects Mandarin worshippers to Sanctuary B
    • Greets worshippers as they come in
    • Hands out bulletins
    • Usher #2
    • Stands inside the entrance from the parking lot
    • Greets worshippers as they come in
  • 9:35AM (Congregational Prayer)
    • Usher #1
    • Minimizes distractions
    • Closes the inner door to the Sanctuary
    • Asks people to wait in the hallway outside the nursery
    • Opens the door after the prayer
    • Usher #2
    • Returns to the sanctuary
  • 9:40AM (Sermon)
    • Pass out Bibles to those who would like one
  • 10:00AM
    • Count the number of attendees, and record on English Attendance clipboard located on the desk in the rear
  • 10:25AM
    • Get a wireless microphone from the AV team or worship leader for greetings
    • Bring the wireless microphone to guests during introductions
    • (note: we have discontinued using clipboards during the welcome time)
  • 10:30AM
    • Usher #1
    • Stands at the rear door and encourages worshippers to leave by the double doors in the front (this will allow Mandarin congregation to enter via the rear)
    • Parents can use the rear door to pick up child(ren) from the nursery
    • Usher #2
    • Cleans the Sanctuary
    • Disposes bulletins left behind
    • Returns Welcome clipboards to the rear desk
    • Gives completed Guest Welcome cards to Maggie Lin
  • Communion Sundays (4th Sunday of the month)
    • Collect and dispose communion cups from the pew racks (small garbage bags are in the rear desk)

Nursery (click to expand)

CCIC San Jose Nursery Ministry Guidelines

Have a clean and orderly Nursery!


1. Nursery attendants/volunteers should be in the nursery 10 minutes prior to the service for set-up and to pray as a team.

2. The nursery is open to receive children 10 minutes before the service starts.

3. Never raise your voice or spank any of the children. If you have a discipline problem, please get the Nursery Director for that service.

4. When in doubt….ask the Nursery Director for that service.

Check In & Out

1. Make sure all babies/toddlers are checked in and have their labels pasted on them.

2. Babies are accepted into the nursery over the counter only.

3. Child's accompanying diaper, food, etc., should be labeled with their name. Two labels will be printed from our system for babies/toddlers checked into nursery room. One for the baby/toddler and the other for their belonging.

4. Only authorized persons (parents/guardians) are allowed to check out babies/toddlers. Refer to their pick up slips.


1. The nursery is NEVER to be left unattended.

2. Only nursery volunteers and parents are allowed beyond the check-in counter.

3. Keep infants off the floor if they are with other walkers and toddlers.

4. If any children gets hurt, bumps their heads, bites another child, becomes distressed, etc., always notify the Nursery Director for that service.

Health & Hygiene

1. Sick children are not to be accepted into the nursery. Refer "Health Policy."

2. Please check assigned child at least once during service and change if necessary.

3. Wash your hands after every change.

4. Notify parent(s) of any diaper rash noted during changing.

5. After changing, sanitize changing table and allow it to dry.

6. Watch carefully that children do not share toys if they have had them in their mouths.

7. Never share bottles or food.

Clean Up (end of each service)

1. All toys are to be put away and tabletops disinfected and nursery straightened after each service.

2. All toys that have been played with are to be placed in the "Toys" bin and disinfected by wiping with disposable towels and allowed to air dry.

3. Take the trash out, be sure to empty any diapers in the trash.

Together we make BBz a better nursery for our little ones!

Snacks/Lunch Setup (click to expand)

Click here to view the set up instructions.
Click here to view the clean up instructions.

Shuttle (click to expand)

The following is information for shuttle duty service volunteers prepared by CCIC coworkers.
Last revised Nov. 2006

Thank you for your forthcoming and faithful service. The English congregation needs only to assist with shuttle duty and assist traffic controller (see section on shuttle job description).

Patrol Job Description

Duty Hours: 8:30AM to 1:00PM on Sundays

1. Set up a traffic sign "Union Bank Customers Only" and place 2 orange cones at Union Bank Parking Lot to remind CCIC members to keep 2 slots available for Union Bank customers. Place another 2 orange cones near the window side of the drive-thru at Union Bank to keep the bank's drive-thru clear. This job should be completed before 8:45AM.

2. Set up a traffic sign "Atherton Employees Only" and 8 orange cones at the Atherton Building. There should be 4 orange cones designating 4 parking slots on either side on the building's entrance.

3. Set up the sign "Don't Park in Residential Area" on the street behind the church.

4. Instructions 1, 2 & 3 should be completed before 8:45AM.
Tip: Use your car to move signs and cones to the location to save time.

5. Place at least 19 orange cones in the parking slots near the main entrance inside CCIC building for senior members, shuttle drivers, and those vehicles with only one adult and infants/children. Reserve 2 slots for the guest speakers.

6. Place 12 orange cones and a newcomer parking poster for newcomers on the Visitor Parking Lots in the middle of the main lot inside the CCIC building.

7. Instructions 5 & 6 should be completed before 9:00AM.

8. Direct the newcomers, guests, seniors, and those vehicles with only one adult and infants/children to the CCIC main lot. Encourage and direct others to park in the Pinn Brothers' parking lot.

9. Patrol the Union Bank & Atherton parking area and residential area nearby to ensure that no cars from CCIC park illegally.

10. Direct traffic to safely merge into Saratoga Ave. after the Sunday service.

11. If there is no shuttle running, it is the responsibility of the patrol person to take church members across the street.

12. Return signs and cones to the storage room after traffic service.

13. People on traffic service duty must put on their orange traffic jackets for safety.

14. Keep a record of all incidents and violations in the log book.

15. We suggest that each Sunday there is more than one person working on patrol duty. That way, patrolling can be done in shifts so that one person, for example, can listen to the sermon while the other is on patrol.

Shuttle Job Description

Duty Hours: 9:00AM to 1:00PM on Sundays

1. In the following time windows, please keep the following arrangements:

09:00AM - 09:30AM (1 car)
09:30AM - 10:00AM (1 car)
10:00AM - 11:00AM (1 car)
10:30AM - 11:15AM (1 car)
12:00PM - 01:00PM (2 cars)

2. From 9:00AM to 9:30AM, the main job is to pick up passengers at the Pinn Brothers parking lot for the church.

3. From 10:30AM to 11:15AM, the main job is to pick up passengers at the Pinn Brothers parking lot for the church and also to pick up passengers at the loading/unloading zone in front of the church for the Pinn Brothers parking lot.

4. Important: from 10:30AM to 11:15AM, have 1 person assisting the traffic controller/patrol in the church parking lot for 45 minutes.

5. From 12:00PM to 1:00PM, the main job is to pick up passengers at the loading/unloading zone in front of the church for the Pinn Brothers parking lot.

6. The shuttle will wait for passengers until it is fully loaded. A shuttle that is not fully loaded can start when another shuttle has arrived.

Traffic Controller Job Description

1. The co-worker must inform the leader of the group who is on duty before the coming Sunday.

2. Handle any unexpected situation.

3. Assist the leader of the group that is on duty especially if the shuttle does not operate on time.

4. Train the traffic duty group to execute its duty perfectly.

5. Educate CCIC members to understand the CCIC parking and traffic rules.

6. Prepare and maintain the necessary maps, logs, and documents for the group on duty. Keep the log record in the log book.

Traffic Duty Job Description (click to expand)

1. Provide at least two shuttles and a patrol.

2. Make sure the shuttle and the patrol are on duty on time, which is from 9:00AM to 1:00PM.

3. Inform the CCIC traffic control co-worker of any unexpected incident.